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One Page Websites

What are One Page Websites?

The aim of a one page website is to provide the perfect level of detail required on a specific subject and help the user make a decision and then act upon it. There are no additional pages associated with the website, so all of the information required for the site will be on one page. The main aim of the website is to focus on what the user will get out of the website. One page websites are one of the biggest new trends in web site design.

One Page Websites

If you think you will only have a limited amount of content to add to your new one page website, then a one pager could be the right option for you. If you’re new site will mainly be a point of contact and a quick overview of your business. If you run a small business then there might not be the need to fill lots of pages with content about your business. A website with a large amount of pages, but very little content gives the impression to your customers that your business is not very professional since your pages are lacking in content.

That is why a one page website might be right for you, as a one pager will give your business the room to shine. You will typically have “about us” information (including opening hours, points of contact and address details. This information can be presented in a creative manner instead of having multiple pages with very little content. This type of website is best suited to small low budget business.

A one page website can also be suited to some larger high end businesses, depending on the look they are after from their on line presence.

One page websites can be used for all sorts of different purposes including:

  • Wedding Websites
  • Portfolio Websites
  • Product Launch Websites

Lets make amazing websites!

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